Sleuth Overview

Sleuth is used by hundreds of organisations including mainstream primary and secondary schools, special schools, alternative provision and adult learning providers.

Schools collect a significant amount of data related to incidents, events and observations but staff often lack the time and tools required to turn data into useful information.  That’s where Sleuth comes in, providing a straightforward means for staff to access the high quality information they need for their particular role, tailored for each situation/audience and available on demand in 1-click.

The graphic below shows the range of different events that it is possible to record in Sleuth; most importantly, it highlights the potential opportunities for integrating, analysing and using the collected information to inform every staff role, to develop practice and to monitor its impact on pupils’ behaviour and their personal and social development.

When a staff team have instant access to high quality information it transforms how they communicate and respond to behaviour and pastoral issues, encouraging a collaborative, evidence-based approach where information from Sleuth is routinely used by staff at every opportunity. When this happens, leaders and teachers are better informed and become more effective practitioners, they develop the professional confidence to make a positive difference to pupils’ progress and well-being.

We’d love to discuss Sleuth with you and show you how it works, if you would like to arrange a demonstration please contact us.

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