Sleuth in Secondary Schools

Sleuth gives secondary school leaders the high quality information they need to develop effective whole school behaviour practice.  Through Sleuth, leadership for behaviour is distributed by giving staff 1-click access to the information they need, when they need it.  With instant availability of information, staff can work collaboratively, proactively and confidently to support pupils (and colleagues) and make a positive and measurable difference to their progress.

Recording of events is extremely efficient in Sleuth so you can track low-level behaviours as well as positive behaviours and learning skills.  Everything recorded in Sleuth has a purpose, contributing to improved communication, targeted support and evidence of progress.  Some examples of how secondary schools use the information from Sleuth includes:

leadership meetings, parent conversations, referral management, detention register, reward assemblies, department/year team briefings, staff CPD, SEND assessment, school improvement planssafeguarding, policy reviews, Ofsted inspections, Pupil Premium spend and much, much more ..

Watch the video and read the case studies below for feedback from secondary school leaders using Sleuth.  We’re always happy to put you in touch with school leaders to find out more about their experiences of Sleuth and of working with us.  If you would like to arrange a demonstration of Sleuth please contact us.

Why Secondary School Leaders Use Sleuth

An integrated information resource for behaviour and personal development

All Sleuth events can be used to profile behaviour and progress to reveal hotspots, patterns and trends. From whole school improvement strategies to interventions for individuals, Sleuth tracks the impact of every decision, providing evidence of what works in your school.

Distribute leadership and empower staff with the information they need

With high quality, real-time, targeted information at their fingertips in Sleuth every leader and teacher deepens their understanding of behaviour and develops the professional confidence and skills to make a positive difference to pupils' learning and well-being.

Improve communication, collaboration and impact

Sleuth is an efficient way for staff to inform and be informed about pastoral events. Through objective and accurate information, staff are proactive and conversations, meetings, decisions and interventions are informed by high quality information and evidence of impact.

Case Studies

Key Features of Sleuth for Secondary Schools

These are just a few of the key features of Sleuth that secondary schools in particular benefit from. For a more detailed list, click here.  

Easy 1-click access to high quality information for all staff

Anyone can do it! 1-click is all it takes in Sleuth to analyse, collate and present information about a pupil, a group or the whole school, revealing hotspots, trends and progress over any time period. Each report can be tailored for its intended purpose and audience.

Tools that put you in complete control

Sleuth is completely configurable to your policies and pastoral systems; you control what to record and in how much detail and you control what to analyse and report to meet the different information needs of your staff, now and as they evolve.

Automatically manage referrals to colleagues

Sleuth alerts efficiently manage communication between colleagues by notifying all relevant staff of particular actions, indicating if further response is required. Line managers can oversee referrals to direct support and ensure events are concluded appropriately.

Use groups for targeted analysis and reporting

Sleuth allows you to create your own groups to categorise and manage behaviours, actions, subjects, staff and students in any way you wish so that your analysis and reporting can be targeted to focus on your specific areas of interest.

Automatically links to your MIS

Sleuth automatically synchronises with core data in all the major MIS (including pupil, staff, parent and timetable data) so there's no rekeying and it is always up to date with your school administration system. An API is also available to extract data to your website or VLE.

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