Sleuth in Special Schools & PRUs

Sleuth offers the flexibility needed in PRUs and special school settings to track behaviour and personal development.  Sleuth adapts to reflect your own setting, pastoral policies, systems and language so it’s familiar to your staff, appropriate to the needs of your pupils and reflects your practice.  You choose what to record, when to analyse, how present information and who to share it with.  As your practice evolves, so does Sleuth.

Using Sleuth means that all recording has a real purpose, contributing to improved communication, targeted support and evidence of progress.  In 1-click, anything recorded can be analysed, collated and combined into a single report or a suite of reports to instantly provide exactly the right information that leaders and teachers need for a huge range of tasks, including:

developing support plans, planning interventions, informing team briefings, banding applications, agency meetings, leadership meetings, improvement plans, staff development, annual reviews, safeguarding, policy reviews, Ofsted inspections, positive handling plans, EHCP outcomes, risk assessments, parent/carer meetings and much, much more ..

Sleuth promotes a proactive, evidence-based approach where instant access to high quality targeted information empowers staff to develop effective practice that makes a measurable difference to pupil outcomes.

Watch the video and read the case studies below for feedback from special school leaders using Sleuth.  We’re always happy to put you in touch with schools to find out more about their experiences of Sleuth and of working with us.  If you would like a demonstration of Sleuth please contact us.

Jarlath O’Brien is now Director for Schools at the Eden Academy Trust.
Paul Lambert is now Deputy Headteacher at Knowsley Central Special School.

Why Special School Leaders Use Sleuth

An integrated information resource for behaviour and personal development

All Sleuth events can be used to profile behaviour and progress to reveal hotspots, patterns and trends. From whole school improvement strategies to interventions for individuals, Sleuth tracks the impact of every decision, providing evidence of what works in your school.

Empowers staff with targeted information

Sleuth provides 1-click access to high quality targeted information that all staff can use to deepen their understanding of behaviour and develop the skills and professional confidence to know how they can make a positive difference to pupils' progress and personal development.

Improves communication and collaboration

Sleuth is an efficient way for staff to inform and be informed about events with objective and accurate information; well informed staff work collaboratively, proactively and effectively, with all conversations, decisions and interventions benefiting from the availability of high quality information.

Case Studies

Key features of Sleuth in Special Schools

Below are just a few features that special school settings find particularly useful in Sleuth. For a more detailed list, click here.  

Accurate, flexible and detailed record-keeping

Recording an event in Sleuth is quick, straightforward and always accurately reflects exactly what has taken place, whether it is a simple observation of one learner’s behaviour or a complex event involving several learners presenting multiple behaviours leading to different actions taken by different staff.

1-click reporting to keep all staff informed

1-click is all it takes in Sleuth to analyse, collate and present a comprehensive range of reports looking at a pupil, a group or the whole school, revealing patterns, trends and progress over any time period. The content and presentation of each report can be tailored for its intended purpose and audience, e.g. for review, for parent/carer, for agency support.

Physical intervention recording, analysis and reporting

Sleuth provides an electronic version of the ‘bound-book’ with significant extra benefits including comprehensive and detailed analysis, alerts to key staff, automatic document/form printing, instant reporting and a tamper-proof audit trail of any changes.

Accurately measure progress in personal and social development

A pupil's personal development can be accurately tracked using a range of structured assessments in Sleuth, e.g. for social independence or emotional literacy or EHCP targets. A suite of reports compares assessments and/or pupils. You can use your own assessment frameworks and those developed and shared by other schools.

Efficiently manage notifications and referrals between colleagues

Sleuth efficiently manages communication between colleagues using alerts to notify the relevant staff (and/or entire staff teams) of what has taken place and if further action is required. Line managers can oversee referrals to direct support, monitor use of policy and ensure events are concluded appropriately.

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