Your Sleuth Project

Every new Sleuth Project includes a dedicated programme of set-up, advisory and training to help you to launch Sleuth efficiently and successfully.

We understand the difficulties many schools face when introducing new systems.  Our experienced advisory team will provide an expert resource together with the guidance, training and support you need, in person, on the phone and through online conferencing and training tools.

We will work closely with your own Sleuth Project team to configure Sleuth so that it reflects your setting, behaviour policies and pastoral systems.  We will also help you to develop and implement your own Monitoring & Evaluation Schedule so that all of your staff have 1-click access from day one to key information that they need for their role.

How long does it take?

With our practical and flexible approach it takes hours, not days or weeks, to launch Sleuth.   You are the critical resource in a Sleuth Project so everything is organised around your capacity.  If you are prepared, it can take just a few hours from a few key staff to be ready for launch.  We have years of experience to share and guide you towards the best approach and will develop a plan that works for you.

What then?

Once you’ve launched Sleuth we know that is the beginning rather than the end of your project.  We will continue to support you to achieve your key outcomes and meet your school improvement objectives.   Over time, your plans and systems may evolve, your practice and policies will develop and so too will SleuthYou are in complete control over how Sleuth operates in your school and can change this whenever you need to; we are always on hand to support and advise you.

Our Advisory Team can deliver further Sleuth training, INSET, workshops and behaviour management training, all informed by Sleuth so sessions can be tailored to reflect and support your practice.

There are also plenty of opportunities to share expertise and good practice with hundreds of staff and leaders at other schools in the Sleuth community through our regional networking events, forums and seminars.

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