What is “high quality information”?

The availability of high quality information is a key outcome of effective behaviour tracking.

When staff have access to high quality information they can use it to develop their knowledge and understanding of behaviour and hence they become more effective practitioners, confident about making a positive difference to pupils’ progress and well-being.

Recording (collecting data) is just the first step in behaviour tracking.  Recorded data then needs to be analysed to organise it and present it in a particular way to produce meaningful information which has real purpose in supporting practice and developing the knowledge and skills of staff.  This is what Sleuth does, very effectively (overview).

The quality of information is crucial; if the data you’re collecting is not complete or objective, and the analysis of it is not detailed or consistent then the resulting information can’t be relied upon for decision-making, in fact it could be potentially damaging.

Sleuth gives a consistent structure to all the data that you choose to record then uses a powerful and flexible analysis tool to process and present high quality information that you can rely on and is always: accurate, meaningful, detailed, timely, targeted, objective and complete.

What’s more, Sleuth does the analysis and produces the high quality information you need, on demand, in just 1-click.

What does "high quality information" look like?


Information from Sleuth targets what is most relevant to each user's role (e.g. cohorts, type of event, activity) and how the information will be used (e.g. purpose/audience). Each report includes the search criteria so you always know exactly what you are looking at.


Just as you can control the level of detail when recording in Sleuth you can also control the level of detail when reporting so that information presented is always appropriately detailed for its purpose and audience.


It only takes 1-click in Sleuth to produce real-time information for any situation. Whether it's one individual report or many individual reports collated together, just 1-click on your homepage and you have what you need.


Information from Sleuth uses the language your school community are familiar with so it is meaningful to the audience and always reflects your own setting, pastoral systems, policies and practice.


Events in Sleuth are structured to accurately record and communicate exactly what took place, including all students involved, all behaviour(s) presented and any action(s) taken by staff; comprehensive analysis tools then aggregate and report in just the detail you need.


Individual reports can be collated into one comprehensive report that provides you with a complete profile in 1-click, across all different event types, combining negative behaviours, positive recognition, interventions, parent meetings, assessments, concerns, etc.


All analysis in Sleuth is based on clear and objective recording based on your own pastoral policies so information produced is also clear and objective. If you need to add further context this can also be included (e.g. comments).

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