Integrated tracking of Safeguarding concerns

In addition to tracking all your behaviour events, Sleuth will now also track confidential safeguarding concerns.  A flexible and detailed recording framework is combined with comprehensive analysis and reporting tools to provide robust and efficient management of safeguarding concerns.

The new Safeguarding Concerns module for Sleuth provides a secure means for all staff to record and refer concerns related to safeguarding.  Authorised staff, usually the Designated Safeguarding Lead(s), can then use Sleuth to manage concern referrals confidentially, tracking each step taken to follow-up the concern and record any outcomes.

See how the new modules integrate with Sleuth here.

Where Sleuth is also being used to track a pupil’s behaviour, personal development and support, this information can all be used to investigate and assess concerns raised and to monitor the impact of additional support and interventions put in place.

Selected features of the new Safeguarding Concerns module include:

  • Tools for DSLs to efficiently manage their caseload, tracking the status, progress and outcomes of concerns raised;
  • A range of 1-click reports to monitor and evaluate activity and outcomes for case conferences and strategy meetings;
  • Detailed profiling of an individual’s behaviour and history of interventions is available to inform an investigation and to plan appropriate support;
  • A secure, central record of information about concerns raised; detailed comments can be recorded and any files related to the concern and its investigation can be attached (e.g. letters, photos, meeting notes, phone transcripts);
  • You have complete control over the types of concern and level of detail required when staff are recording concerns;
  • A complete and tamper proof audit trail is maintained by Sleuth for any changes and updates to safeguarding concerns;
  • Alerts can be sent automatically from Sleuth to staff/parent/carers to notify of activity/progress;
  • Sleuth can generate letters/documents/forms for each activity when following up a concern;
  • Multi-factor authentication offers an additional layer of security for accessing concern records.

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