Effective, high quality pastoral provision is vital to create and maintain a whole school ethos in which every pupil can thrive and can develop the behaviours and personal and social skills that will enable them to reach their potential.

However, while most schools use established frameworks and systems for monitoring pupils’ academic progress, there is often far less rigour and consistency when it comes to monitoring and evaluating progress in their behaviour and personal and social development.  Sleuth is the solution.

Sleuth is a highly effective software tracking tool that provides instant 1-click access to the information that school leaders and staff need:

  • to monitor and evaluate whole school practice
  • to target support for pupils (and staff) where it is most needed
  • to measure the impact of interventions so you know what works (and what doesn’t)

Tracking in Sleuth is a process whereby staff ..

  1. record notable events, incidents and observations
    and routinely ..
  2. analyse recorded data to generate reports
    which are used to ..
  3. inform conversations, interventions, monitor and evaluate impact


Sleuth is extremely flexible, it adapts to reflect your own ethos, pastoral systems, policies and tracking needs, now and as they evolve.   You are in control of how Sleuth operates, you decide what to record and in how much detail; similarly you decide what to analyse and how the information is presented and to whom.

Some examples of what schools use Sleuth to track includes, serious behaviours, low-level disruption, positive recognition, personal and social skills, progress assessments, interventions, concerns and communication with parents and agencies.


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