Webinar – Controlling Access to Information

A free 45 minute webinar hosted by the Sleuth Advisory Team. This webinar explains the range of features available to key-users to control staff access to information in Sleuth.

To register, simply click the register button link below, fill in your contact details (ensuring your email address is correctly entered) and you will receive an email confirming your place. The registration form can also be used to submit any specific questions you’d like us to answer in the webinar.

About the Webinar

Sleuth is in continual development and we regularly release new and improved features that have been requested by the schools using it. This webinar introduces a number of new features released over the last 12 months or so on a similar theme – giving you more features to control what information staff users can access.

After the webinar, if you need help to implement any of the features covered, give us a call and talk to the Advisory Team. Every Sleuth licence includes an allocation of free advisory and training time that your school can use to learn about the new features of Sleuth and to receive instruction on how to make best use of them with your own Sleuth system. Further advisory and/or training time can be purchased as required.

What you will learn during the webinar

Deciding who needs what information and when

  • Planning using a Monitoring & Evaluation Schedule
  • Learning the skills required to be a Sleuth Key-user
  • Managing Staff Teams
  • Managing Actions with Action Locking

Setting User Permissions

  • Permissions for Searching and Reporting
  • Controlling access to information for pupils no longer on-roll
  • MyDefaults – Setting and using to control access to information

Searching & Reporting

  • The [email protected] user account and report library
  • Creating, saving and sharing Searches and Reports

Tips for preparing for the Webinar

  • Review your school’s Sleuth usage (Menu -> System -> System Usage) for the last term to identify which staff currently have saved/shared searches/reports and whether they are actively used (the last 4 columns).
  • Review what you are recording in Sleuth and how you are using the data to reflect on and inform practice. Consider the different roles and responsibilities of staff – what information would be useful to each role? See our Monitoring and Evaluation Schedule framework for an example of how you can approach this.

Tips for following up what you learn in the Webinar

  • Remember to click the link and fill in the feedback form we send you. We want to continue offering free webinars and your contribution is crucial to making that happen. We want your views (positive and negative) on your webinar experience, including the content and delivery, so that we can make our webinars as productive and engaging as possible for each audience.
  • Feedback forms received within 48 hours of the webinar will be entered into a draw for a FREE 1:1 online session with the Advisory Team to guide you (and colleagues) through any features of Sleuth, including implementing what we will cover during the webinar.
  • You can find additional information and guidance by clicking the Help button (bottom right of your screen) when you are using Sleuth. Type in the Search box to find specific articles.
  • We offer 1:1 online sessions all year round where one of the Sleuth Advisory Team can tailor bespoke training to your own setting, policies and Sleuth system. There are also sessions available on the fundamentals of Sleuth for all users and advanced sessions for key-users – contact us for details.
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