Sleuth Tutorial Videos

The following are a selection of short videos demonstrating some of the features of Sleuth. We will be adding to this list regularly over the coming weeks.


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Consistently Outstanding 3.41 How an outstanding school use Sleuth in their evidence-based approach to continual improvement  


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Taking Pride in Behaviour
"Sleuth is used to track positive behaviour and manage our Bronze, Silver, Gold awards .. Students are now actively asking about behaviour points and are proud to be wearing badges. We have inter-form competitions and points scores are shared in Assembly."
Director of Inclusion - Essex Secondary
No Compromising
With Sleuth, we no longer have to base our processes on what our MIS was capable of. We can set it up to mirror our policy exactly, there’s no longer any compromising on our behaviour management
Head of House - Surrey Secondary
"Powerful Stuff"
"We motivate pupils towards improvement by informing/showing them their Sleuth profiles. If there is improvement over a target period we issue an Improvers Award. We also reward pupils with no Sleuths with special trips/activities and set targets for some pupils to try not to get any Sleuths in a given target period in order to be eligible for a reward activity, this is proving to be very powerful stuff"
Deputy Head - Birmingham