Prices & Ordering Sleuth

All schools are operating under an increasingly tight budget and we will continue to ensure that Sleuth remains cost-effective so that every school has the opportunity to use it.

In order that the price is always competitive and fair, it is based on the school type, the on-roll pupil numbers and the duration of licence. This quoted price is the same irrespective of your skills at negotiation!

A Sleuth licence is for a minimum of one year and can be renewed on an annual basis. However most schools take advantage of advance payment discounts and purchase a Sleuth licence for 3-years.


Click to request a quote detailing the licence cost for your school to use Sleuth.

On receipt we will prepare and email you a formal quote for Sleuth and our recommended training programme.

Quotes are valid for 14 days and can be signed and returned to order Sleuth.

What’s Included in the Sleuth Licence Cost?

The price includes:

  • Database set-up and secure hosting, database maintenance, daily backups
  • A Sleuth licence allowing all staff to use Sleuth concurrently
  • The Sleuth Importer tool which automatically synchronises staff, student and timetable data in your MIS with data in Sleuth
  • Many new user-requested features and enhancements added automatically, usually termly (e.g. recent additions)
  • Telephone, email and online support for advice on using Sleuth and technical queries
  • Off-the-shelf solutions to display Sleuth data in SIMS Learning Gateway, Frog VLE, Insight Parent Portal
  • The Sleuth API to display Sleuth data in other software products, e.g. Parent Portals/VLEs
  • Special schools and PRUs licences include the Physical Intervention Module, secondaries and primaries may purchase this separately


Unless otherwise requested we will add the recommended Training Programme to your quote for Sleuth. For a new implementation this will usually be the specially designed on-site Launch Session.


    Discounts are available for:
  • Advance Payment: paying the annual licence in advance (see examples for 3 year licences above)
  • Group Purchase: groups of schools purchasing at the same time (e.g. partners, federations, feeders, etc)
  • Sleuth Training: when training programmes are booked or groups of schools are trained together