Getting Good News Home

An action (sanction or reward) in Sleuth can be setup to automatically trigger an alert to be sent to parents/carers. Many schools use this feature to let parents know their child has received a merit. The alert takes the form of an email that can also be received via a mobile device. This is a very effective, immediate and cost-free method for getting good news home. Each sanction/reward can have a different alert template personalised to the student and using any of the recorded incident details. The alert can go to each parent/carer set-up to receive communication from school via email.

A parent alert can also be sent to notify a parent to login to Sleuth and review a report (see example SharedReports below) about their child's behaviour. The parent simply clicks a link in the email to go directly to the login page of Sleuth from where they can display any reports that the school have setup for them.

Alerts can be used an an alternative to, or as well as, the existing automatic document feature (e.g. letters or certificates home) which generates a hard-copy document based on a custom school template. Documents can be printed individually or centrally and either handed to students to take home or posted.

Sleuth for Parents & Carers

Using Sleuth to track behaviour provides information that staff can use to inform and engage parents and carers in the behaviour of their child. Detailed reports are presented in such as way as to encourage dialogue about specific issues that school staff and parents can use to improve behaviour.

Parents respond well to the visual reports that provide hard evidence, removing any personalisation of behaviour. With the focus on behaviour rather than the student, discussion is based on the facts presented and can be constructive with staff and parents collaborating in seeking ways to improve the behaviour.

Online Access to Behaviour Data for Parents - As well as using Sleuth reports with parents in a face-to-face interview, parents can also have their own login for Sleuth. This allows them to run Sleuth reports from home to keep them informed or for discussion with their child. The school control the data and the presentation of the data by setting-up particular SharedReports for a parent. The progress of a particular strategies or behaviour contract that is developed for the student can then be monitored by parents in real-time so that support from parents can continue outside of face-to-face meetings.

Some reports that could be shared with a Parent/Carer appear below. These can be run from a parent’s Home Page in a single step (e.g. a click of the mouse) after logging in.

Example SharedReports for Parents

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    Targeted Intervention Strategies - A breakdown of the types of behaviour recorded for an individual student highlighting particular problem behaviours. Intervention strategies can be developed for these specific problem areas and both staff and parents can monitor the student's progress
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    Monitoring Progress - A line graph showing recorded incidents day-by-day (over a half-term period). This report can be used to monitor the impact of intervention strategies graphically, an effective way to engage parents and students in taking responsibility for improving behaviour
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    Times of Day - A profile of behaviour by lesson period identifies whether time of day is having an impact on behaviour, for example the school start time, timing of breaks or order of lessons. Parents may be able to contribute to reasons for this, e.g. morning routine, travel or dietary arrangements
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    Planning an Individual Curriculum - This report shows a breakdown of behaviour in each subject area. It can be run for a particular behaviour or group of behaviours, positive or negative. For parents this report can be basis of constructive dialogue with each of their child’s subject teachers
Gettin Good News Home
"This is the first notification I have had from the school for James and I do know he has received merits before, so thank you very much for taking the time to let me know. It is lovely as a parent to be kept informed and to also be able to praise them when they are working hard"
Parent - Walsall Secondary
Effectively Engaging Parents
"Heads of Year use the reports in Sleuth extensively and in particular with parents, which has proved mightily effective at conveying the scale of a situation and the actual detail involved in individual incidents"
Deputy Headteacher - Northants Secondary
Productive Parental Dialogue
"Heads of Year and our Behaviour 4 Learning Centre all use individual reports about particular pupils - the types of behaviour exhibited, the subjects with problems, days of week, time of day, location of problems, members of staff involved, trend line. They will discuss the implications with the pupil and with parents. The reports give members of staff something tangible to discuss with parents and pupils"
B4L Assistant - South Glocs Secondary
Parental Support
"Not only do parents get an overview of academic performance but also a broader pastoral perspective on their child's development. Sleuth plays a big role in this, providing all the information on positive and negative behaviour. Parents are given a summary of the negative and positive behaviours concerning their child which is ideal for discussion and getting parental support to address specific issues"
Headteacher - Cheshire Secondary