Overview of Sleuth - The Behaviour Tracking System

What is Sleuth?

What is Behaviour Tracking?

Why Track Behaviour?

Why Use Sleuth to Track Behaviour?

How Do I Start Using Sleuth in My School?

What is Sleuth?

Sleuth is an electronic behaviour tracking system that records and analyses behaviour. It provides an effective, consistent, whole school system for managing behaviour, positive and negative.

Sleuth has been successful in contributing to improvements in behaviour management in hundreds of UK schools.

The latest release of Sleuth is online, requires no installation and is accessible by all staff from anywhere with an internet connection - a true whole school approach to behaviour management. .

What is Behaviour Tracking?

Behaviour tracking is key to successful behaviour management, revealing what behaviour is happening in school and what staff are doing about it, providing a commentary on how effective the behaviour policy is in practice.

The ability to record both student behaviour and staff response to it, in detail, is the fundamental difference between systems that log behaviour to simply have a record of it on file and those that track behaviour in order to be effective in managing it.

Tracking behaviour provides the evidence on which to make decisions and develop strategies to improve behaviour. It should then reveal the impact of decisions and strategies so you know what works, what doesn't work and good practice can be recognised, re-used and shared.

Why Track Behaviour?

Detailed and objective tracking of behaviour, in and out of the classroom, provides a complete picture of behaviour in your school. The results can then be used for self-evaluation, to support students, develop staff skills and plan whole school policy.

Supporting Students - behaviour tracking allows you to select the most appropriate interventions for an individual, build an action plan and monitor its impact. Detailed and objective information is also vital if schools are to involve all the relevant stakeholders in the process of effective student support.

Staff Development - all members of staff can analyse behaviour, select appropriate interventions and then monitor their impact. This leads to more effective and consistent interventions. Good practice can be shared and targetted support can be provided where needed.

Improve Whole School Policy - the results of tracking behaviour will give a policy its direction: it will provide evidence of improvement; reveal trends and identify any inconsistencies in putting policy into practice. All these outcomes provide the information required to develop a policy that is effective and inclusive.

Access to behaviour tracking information should be readily available to all staff, those who benefit most include:

  • Senior Leaders - for self-evaluation (SEF), to develop policy, improve decision making
  • Middle Leaders - to support staff and students, monitor progress, communicate with parents
  • SENCO - to support students, communicate with parents

There has been extensive research into the impact of Behaviour Tracking, including national studies by Ofsted and the Steer Group. See our Independent Research page for reasons why schools should track behaviour.

Why Use Sleuth to Track Behaviour?

Sleuth has a proven track record in many hundreds of schools and is supported by a team of behaviour consultants and technical staff who have a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

Sleuth is designed specifically to track behaviour. It is not a whole school administration system or an add-on module for behaviour management. Sleuth shares data and works alongside your MIS, Parent Portal and VLE so there is no need to compromise your ability to manage behaviour by trying to do everything in your MIS.

Sleuth records observations about student behaviour in detail and, unlike other systems, also records all staff responses to student behaviour in detail. Reviewing staff response to behaviour is essential to know whether your behaviour policy works in practice.

See Key Features of Sleuth for more reasons to use Sleuth. If you are thinking of using your MIS, see Using Your MIS

How Do I Start Using Sleuth in My School?

Sleuth is online so we can get you up and running in minutes. It takes us a few minutes to set-up a Sleuth Online system specifically for your school and give you login details. The next step is for you to setup the Sleuth Importer tool, the first time this is run all your students, staff, tutor and house groups are automatically loaded into Sleuth.

You are then ready to track behaviour. It really is that easy.

If you need convincing Sleuth is the best behaviour tracking system available you have a few options:

  • Have a Demonstration - We can setup your own Sleuth system and give you an introduction to using it over the phone. You are then free to use Sleuth to try it out and evaluate it.
  • Come to a Presentation - We are often out and about in schools demonstrating Sleuth - for a list of upcoming dates and venues see our list of Presentations.
  • Contact Us - We are here to answer whatever questions you may have so get in touch with us.
  • Talk to other Schools - We can provide you with contact details for schools already using Sleuth so you can discuss their experiences
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What is Sleuth?
Sleuth is an online behaviour tracking system that has been successful in contributing to improvements in behaviour management in hundreds of UK schools.
What is Behaviour Tracking?
Behaviour tracking is key to successful behaviour management.

Behaviour Tracking provides the evidence on which to make decisions and develop strategies to improve behaviour
Why Track Behaviour?
"The most effective pastoral support systems are those in which there is careful and regular tracking of pupils' learning and behaviour .. When information over time is collated well and senior staff act decisively on the analysis of the information, remarkable change can be brought about"
Why Track Behaviour?
"For you to effectively teach, you need to know what triggers certain types of behaviour and what is disengaging children from learning ... not what you think you know but what you actually know"
David Moore (HMI)
Why Use Sleuth to Track Behaviour?
"Sleuth has been the best piece of school based software I have ever used and is making a daily difference to the way our school deals with the issues of behaviour and discipline. School tutors have welcomed it with open arms because it makes their lives both easier and more productive"
Deputy Headteacher - Northants Secondary