Good Practice in Behaviour Management - Sleuth Case Studies

One size does not fit all!     Every school wants to improve behaviour and every school has a policy describing how they go about it. However, every approach differs from the next because each school is as unique as the staff and pupils in it and the behaviour policy is theirs; it is they who decide what's in it and they who agree to uphold what's in it.

Since Sleuth is designed to monitor the use and impact of the behaviour policy, it follows that no two implementations of Sleuth will be the same. Sleuth will be completely customised by each school to reflect their own policy.

The following case studies are a selection of examples of good practice in behaviour management using Sleuth. They are from a cross section of users, some having used Sleuth for a number of terms and some for a number of years.

All the schools involved in the case studies have willingly shared their good practice and experiences of using Sleuth with you. If you would like to discuss Sleuth directly with any of the schools involved, please contact us in the first instance.


Emerson Park Academy

A great example of how in a single term a school can motivate pupils to achieve and in turn motivate staff to reward. "already Sleuth has had a positive impact, we've had loads of great replies and feedback from parents which has had a motivating effect for staff"

Barnhill Community High School

Meeting the demands of the new Ofsted framework, " Ofsted want to see evidence and Sleuth provides the evidence-base for just about any aspect of behaviour both the positive and the negative. You can produce whatever kind of report you need to answer any question about behaviour that is going to be asked of you."

Westwood Girls School

"Striking examples of improvement for individuals". This is how Ofsted reported their findings on behaviour during a monitoring visit to this Croydon school. The school used Sleuth to evidence the improvement being made in behaviour and drew praise from inspectors for their "forensic analysis of behaviour referrals"

North Huddersfield Trust School

This school has established innovative leading practice in its use of behaviour tracking. By developing and embedding a whole school staff approach to using Sleuth, the school has been able to consistently track and manage all aspects of behaviour including that of tackling bullying.

Streetly Academy

Streetly's outstanding reward system PRIDE is managed by Sleuth. PRIDE is based on the Olympic Values and has been a huge success in encouraging students to improve learning skills, develop social skills and promote positive behaviours.

Holte School

A inner-city school in a very deprived area that is now seen as beacon of good practice in behaviour management locally and nationally. Twice rated outstanding for behaviour by Ofsted.

Tindal Primary School

A primary school that has successfully used Sleuth to engage parents and raise attendance through promoting positive behaviour, something recognised by both children, their parents and Ofsted.

Park Hall Academy

When Park Hall Academy implemented a completely new Behaviour for Learning policy, they used Sleuth to support its introduction and monitor its use in practice. Within a year there was an 80% drop in fixed period exclusions and a significant reduction in low-level behaviour.

Brynllywarch School

Brynllywarch Hall School in Powys caters for students with SEBD. Having recorded negative behaviour for some time using Sleuth they decided to also use it to record and manage positive behaviour and rewards with fantastic results

Springwell School

A special school for primary age pupils with complex learning difficulties. The school use Sleuth to support their management of behaviour. " Our whole approach to behaviour management has been enhanced by Sleuth .. it has given ownership of behaviour management to everyone in the school"

Norlington School for Boys

This case study describes how Norlington School for Boys used the behaviour data in Sleuth, to monitor and improve their Standby/On-Call system and develop their Behaviour for Learning policy

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Improving Behaviour
"Behaviour tracking is crucial, it means we have the information at our fingertips to talk to parents and that has been a massive part of improving behaviour throughout school. Having parents working with you to improve behaviour, is brilliant."
Vice Principal - Solihull Academy
Evidence for Ofsted
"Ofsted ask you: How good is behaviour? The key thing here is being able to make a judgement which is evidence-based. This is something we can do quite easily with Sleuth."
Headteacher - Coventry Primary
Pupil Engagement in Learning
"It's had a major impact, the students have engaged with this more than they have ever engaged with any reward system, in terms of discussions they have with each other, with their parents and with the teaching staff. They all want to do well "
Headteacher - Walsall Secondary
Invaluable Tool
"Sleuth really is an invaluable analytical tool. We can delve deeper and in detail through the data so we are in a far better position to support children that are struggling and choose the most appropriate interventions."
Headteacher - Blackpool Primary
What's Going On?
"For our Pastoral Middle Leaders to know exactly where a student is at with the click of a button is invaluable, for parental meetings for example .. its a huge advantage for staff to know exactly what is going on with their groups."
Asst Head - Notts Secondary